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Friday, July 31, 2009

IT's been awhile

Life gets in the way of blogging it seems. Or I am just lazy. Take your pick. LOL SO what's new in MissyLand? Lots of stuff.

Vacation in San Diego was wonderful. I really enjoyed spending time with Richard and Nancy. I can not thank them enough for letting us stay with them while we were there and for all that they did for us. Wyatt really enjoyed getting to know Uncle Richard adn Aunt Nancy. We really got to see and do everything that we wanted to see and do: Legoland, SeaWorld, The Zoo, Jullian, the gold mine tour, Body WOrks, The MIdWay aircraft carrier museum, and seeing where RIchard works was incredible. I was not ready to leave the cooler temperatures of California for the heat and humidity of Louisiana.

Now we have decided to redecorate and remodel our house. Talk about fun!!! It's exciting. Shopping for furniture, looking at lamps, talking paint/curtains/flooring. Stop laughing. IT is fun. Honest. Okay, so maybe not FUN, but I enjoy it. Now I just want it DONE!!! I get soo excited that I want to see what it will all look like when it is done. In my mind it if beautiful, a comfy, cozy, place to come home and relax in. Getting it from my mind's eye, to reality is proving to be a painstaking task. BUT it willl happen. It will just take awhile. First we bought new living room furniture. SOfa, love seat, end tables, entertainment center, and desk. (I really can't wait for the tables/desk to arrive, it's on order.)

Our next remodel/redecorate room is my scrappy room. IT's going to be a combination guest room/scrap room. Which sounds easy enough right? WRONG! Steve spent a lot of time and money to build me these wonderful cabinets and countertops to hold all of my scrap stuff. I love my scrap room. But now we want to take out almost half of the cabinets (bye bye storage) and put a twin bed in here. Which again sounds easy right? WRONG AGAIN! I have a LOT of stuff. SOme will go in under the bed storage (school stuff, mainly so I can access it when I need to create somethign for school). SOme will be tossed in the trash. Some will go in the attic (this would be steve's crap that he insists that he needs to keep). Some I am giving away. I am having to reorganize the scrappy side of the room. Eventually we will buy bookshelves to hold my scrapbook albums, and my dvds. I MUST have my dvd's in the room with me. All 200+ movies. This work would go much easier if I had the shelves, and the bed and the storage things I will eventually get. FOr now I am just boxing up, rearranging, and purging stuff. Hopefull this will be finished TODAY!! I want to scrapbook and I can't because the room is a mess.

I bought a new car. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new car. 2010 Ford Fusion. In a pretty blue color. I love it. I love driving it. I love the satellite radio, the usb jack that I can use with my mp3 player, the 6-disc cd player. I never run out of things to listen to while I drive.

That's the highlights of my summer. WHich is almost over. SChool starts back next week. New Grade for me (5th), same classroom (good thing). Trying to stay positive here.