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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Second Day of school!

I made it through the second day of school. This would not have been possible without two of my very good friends who sat next to me during the inservice and kept me company. They make me laugh and make faces to make me smile. I really can't complain too much, most of the people I work with are very pleasant. HOWEVER, I just hate sitting on hard plastic seats at the cafeteria tables where my knees reach my chin. These tables are made for small children. Very Small children. My legs do not fit under the table with ease. The seats are attached to the tables, did I mention that they are hard plastic? Yeah my butt keeps reminding me of this. From 8:30 until 12:30, we sat. and sat. and sat. While listening to "school policies procedures". My butt cheeks thought they were going to "become one with the orange plastic circle". My knees ached from being bent at such an odd angle. There is no room to stretch out. I thought it would never end. FInally it did. Now what material was covered, I could not even begin to tell you as I had a brain fart as soon as we walked out of the frigid room. Yep it was COLD in there. SO I left with a headache, a sore butt, and blue toes.

I did have a nice lunch with friends. Then it was back to the classroom to finish getting ready for the first day of school. Parents came to meet the teachers. I think 6 parents came today. That was good. I recieved my class list, which surely must be wrong as it says I only have 13 students!!! umm, no this can't be correct. There must be some mistake.

TOmorrow will be another hectic day. Students arrive. Our goal on the first day: get them to class, get them fed, get them home!! Anything other than that is gravy. Rules and expectations of course. Maybe a writing activity and a game or two. Maybe the time will fly by. One can only dream.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Fun Fun Fun

I spent my last day of summer vacation doing the fun stuff I love doing. I went shopping and bought a few shirts that I found on sale. I can wear them to school or on our cruise in November. I went and wandered around the scrappy store. I love the scrappy store. I bought a few things I have been needing. Then I came home and scrapped. I ignored the floors that needed mopping, and the laundry that needed washing. I spent a few hours on myself. I finished one layout and made a birthday card for my niece.

Later I picked Wyatt up from daycare, and treated us to Baskin Robbins ice cream. I know I Have a freezer full of ice cream. But I wanted a real "end of summer" treat. Baskin Robbins is not somewhere we go often. I think the last time I took Wyatt there was at least 3 years ago. So for us that was a real treat.

Then I came home, and soaked in the tub. Steve cooked dinner. Nothing fancy, just steak and potatoes. Now I am going to lay in the bed and read until it is time to go to sleep. I know I will be waking up before the sun wakes up. It's going to be a busy day. But I did enjoy my last day of "fun fun fun"

My Last Free Day

This is it. My last free day of summer vacation. Tomorrow I HAVE to go back to work. So how will I spend my last free day? I plan on dropping Wyatt off at daycare, going out for breakfast, then coming home and doing absolutely nothing work related. I want to watch movies and scrap. I need to make a birthday card for TIffany. At some point I will eat lunch, maybe going out to get something to eat, or else just eating junk around here. I am just going to relax before the stress of a new school year kicks off tomorrow.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Scrappy Room Redesign

My scrap room has been a bone of contention in my household for quite some time. Steve and I agreed that I needed a room to work on my hobby. He built the workshop (aka the man cave) out back for working on his hobbies. It was only fair that I have a place for mine. So I claimed the spare bedroom.

When we first moved into the house, I had no problem sharing my space with Steve. He seldom came into the room, unless it was to use the computer or to pay bills. Easy peasy. I had my folding table on one wall and he had the desk on the opposite wall. The other room was the guest bedroom. Soon after we moved into the house, we had Wyatt.

The guest room became Wyatt's room. The "extra" things we had stored in the guest room moved into the "scraproom/office". Since taking care of Wyatt, and working took up most of my time, I didn't have much time for scrapping. All was still good in the scrappy place, even if it was a little crowded.

Soon my folding table was sagging under the weight of the supplies piled on top. I had boxes, bins, tubs of supplies. There was no functional storage. The room was a disaster. Steve griped constantly about the mess. FINALLY, he took pity on my and decided to create me the "ultimate" scrap space. He designed and built cabinets, while I pondered paint samples and color schemes. I wanted the room to be calming, and peaceful, yet still reflect my creative side. It took awhile, but finally it was done. With the blue walls, white trim and sand colored carpet, I was creating the "beach" themed room. Steve installed the cabinets. Upper around 3 walls, lower cabinets along one long wall, and a desk top on each short end. I had beaucoup storage. However, I still had to share the space with Steve. He just wanted one desk top, and the cabinets above it for storing office things and bills. Soon he wanted one lower cabient for computer stuff.

Things went along somewhat smoothly. Wyatt grew as kids tend to do, and discovered that he liked to do crafts. In my scrap room. While he watched cartoons. While I was trying to scrap. It seemed that I could never get away from the "guys" when I needed some alone time. I couldn't just sit and read in a room without a tv on. I couldn't lay down for a nap without someone coming into the room to get something they needed. I couldn't just hide in a pretty girly space, because my guys, being typical guys, didn't want "fru fru pretty lacy, comfy" things. They wanted "manly colors, with a manly decor". I felt I was being overrun with testosterone, testostorne, crap with male hormones.

This led to the "Scrappy Room Redesign". Steve and I started talking about remodeling and redecorating the house. I told him that I needed MY OWN SPACE or I was going to seriously hurt someone in this house. A room to myself, that did not have any manly things in it, that was fru fru, lacy, pretty and comfy. That was a peaceful, quiet, place for me to hide out in. This led to the Scrappy Room Redesign.

After much talking, debating, arguing, and shopping my new space is finally taking shape. Steve took out one section of the cabinets and one desk top. For now we put the top bunk to wyatt's bunk bed in here. Eventually I will get a pretty white bed (just in case we need a place for company to spend the night). I am going to get the pretty white shabby chic bedding that I have loved for the longest time. Every time I go to Target, I walk through the bedding section and fondle the quilt and the sheets, and try not to drool on the pretty throw pillows. NOW I can buy them and bring them home. Along with pretty curtains. Then we will get a new bookshelf to hold some of my scrapbooks that I have made (no more hiding in a dark cabinet for them). And I have to figure out some sort of dvd storage (do you know how much space 229 dvds takes up? A LOT!!!) THen I will push for a bigger, flat screen television (why should my space have a tv smaller than my computer screen?).

Last night, I put old sheets on the bed. Steve was in the living room watching some Discovery Channel show. I curled up on the comfy bed, and watched a girly movie and read my book. All was quiet and peaceful. (Wyatt was at my sister's spending the night.) When I was done for the night, I got up turned off the lights and went to bed with Steve. But for the little while I was in there, I could watch what I wanted, read a book with no background noise, or even just peruse magazines looking for scrappy inspiration. I have my own little girly space. A pesticle free zone!!!

All is good in MissyLand.

Friday, July 31, 2009

IT's been awhile

Life gets in the way of blogging it seems. Or I am just lazy. Take your pick. LOL SO what's new in MissyLand? Lots of stuff.

Vacation in San Diego was wonderful. I really enjoyed spending time with Richard and Nancy. I can not thank them enough for letting us stay with them while we were there and for all that they did for us. Wyatt really enjoyed getting to know Uncle Richard adn Aunt Nancy. We really got to see and do everything that we wanted to see and do: Legoland, SeaWorld, The Zoo, Jullian, the gold mine tour, Body WOrks, The MIdWay aircraft carrier museum, and seeing where RIchard works was incredible. I was not ready to leave the cooler temperatures of California for the heat and humidity of Louisiana.

Now we have decided to redecorate and remodel our house. Talk about fun!!! It's exciting. Shopping for furniture, looking at lamps, talking paint/curtains/flooring. Stop laughing. IT is fun. Honest. Okay, so maybe not FUN, but I enjoy it. Now I just want it DONE!!! I get soo excited that I want to see what it will all look like when it is done. In my mind it if beautiful, a comfy, cozy, place to come home and relax in. Getting it from my mind's eye, to reality is proving to be a painstaking task. BUT it willl happen. It will just take awhile. First we bought new living room furniture. SOfa, love seat, end tables, entertainment center, and desk. (I really can't wait for the tables/desk to arrive, it's on order.)

Our next remodel/redecorate room is my scrappy room. IT's going to be a combination guest room/scrap room. Which sounds easy enough right? WRONG! Steve spent a lot of time and money to build me these wonderful cabinets and countertops to hold all of my scrap stuff. I love my scrap room. But now we want to take out almost half of the cabinets (bye bye storage) and put a twin bed in here. Which again sounds easy right? WRONG AGAIN! I have a LOT of stuff. SOme will go in under the bed storage (school stuff, mainly so I can access it when I need to create somethign for school). SOme will be tossed in the trash. Some will go in the attic (this would be steve's crap that he insists that he needs to keep). Some I am giving away. I am having to reorganize the scrappy side of the room. Eventually we will buy bookshelves to hold my scrapbook albums, and my dvds. I MUST have my dvd's in the room with me. All 200+ movies. This work would go much easier if I had the shelves, and the bed and the storage things I will eventually get. FOr now I am just boxing up, rearranging, and purging stuff. Hopefull this will be finished TODAY!! I want to scrapbook and I can't because the room is a mess.

I bought a new car. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new car. 2010 Ford Fusion. In a pretty blue color. I love it. I love driving it. I love the satellite radio, the usb jack that I can use with my mp3 player, the 6-disc cd player. I never run out of things to listen to while I drive.

That's the highlights of my summer. WHich is almost over. SChool starts back next week. New Grade for me (5th), same classroom (good thing). Trying to stay positive here.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My good day...

SO far so good... I have not yelled at anyone... even the brat who told me that I was the a Mother F'ing Biotch from Hell and I don't have to do this Math work if I don't want to do it" ... I said "well now, here's your write up, go to the office and finish your work there"

I have had a great afternoon.. I cooked dinner... I like cooking when I don't have to rush... granted it was just "breakfast" for dinner, but I like making biscuits from scratch... I am weird that way...

I actually bought myself a new book, instead of waiting for it at the library... I love the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan, and I started reading this book in the parking lot... lol... I didn't read it while driving, although I was tempted so I put it WAYYYYY in the back of the cargo area of the car... lol Percy was calling me.. lol

I finally finished all of the teacher gifts for wyatt for the week... 1 altered paint can (full of nail polish/pedicure things for "pamper the teacher day").... 1 altered clipboard for "office supply" day.... 12 altered ink pens (ribbon wrapped with pretty daisies on them, all stuck in a painted flower pot) for "flower day".... and I helped wyatt put the finishing touches on the book he wrote for her for "book day"... (he wrote the cutest story about a boy on a cruise, and used pictures from our vacation to tell the story)... I started all of this mess on Sunday... finally finished...

My grades are all averaged, the kitchen is cleaned, the house is relatively clean...and I brought home no extra work... everything can wait until tomorrow... soo I plan on fixing a big old glass of diet coke, curling up with Percy, and hopefully not get so "into" the book that I stay up all night to finish it.....

I have 11 school days left. THat's a great feelings. Wait, I Have 10 days left, I took one day off so that I can go watch my son at his awards day program. Yippee...

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Focus on Me!!!

THat's my goal. I said something to someone that was over the line. I am not proud of that. I never thought I would react the way I did. However, being as that I am human, I made a mistake and I screwed up. I can't change it. I can't make it right. All I can do at this point is focus on ME and figure out how to NOT let that happen ever again. THat's my goal.

I shared my mistake with friends. Knowing the full well ahead of time, the outcome that would follow. I needed to hear the negative and hurtful things they were going to say. I needed them to tell me that I was wrong. Because I could have easily hidden what I have done. Not told anyone. Lived my life trying to bury the deed. But I didn't. I laid it out there for them to know. I was ready to hear the hurtful things. I knew that my friends would be horrified, but that they would eventually help me through this. SOme have done that. Their words of wisdom and suggestions of how to handle this have been much appreciated. SOme have decided that I am a liar. That I made it all up. THAT was uncalled for. SO I walked away from my friends for now. If I had stayed, I would have said some very hurtful things to them, and I do not want to be that person ever again. THis time I can walk away before I say them.

So if my true friends are reading this, and you wonder where I have gone, I am here. Focusing on me. Reeavaluating my life, and talking with someone who can help me. I am moving forward. I can't change the past. I am working on the now, and looking to the future.

For everyone, just remember, we all make mistakes. SOme mistakes are big, others are minor. BUT we all make them. It's part of life and part of being human. I believe that the key to life is that we learn from our mistakes, never to repeat them, and to become a better person from having made them. That is my focus. Me and my mistake. HOw to never repeat it, and to become a better person because of it.