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Thursday, February 28, 2008

My Favorite Pastime

I am not a huge sports fan. Some might even call me a FRINGE FAN! BUt I like Softball. I LOVE softball when I get watch my niece's play. Tonight I had the best time watching my oldest two niece's compete against each other. Tiffany plays for Live Oak. Kati plays for Denham Springs. I was playing with my camera, and I happened to catch this image. I think it is my new favorite picture. It's not perfect. BUT it's of two of my favorite people, doing the thing that makes them happy. AND It's not often I get a picture of my two girls together.

Monday, February 25, 2008

You Are Sneakers

You are creative, funky, and forward thinking.

You are cool, but you are still approachable.

You are stylish and edgy, but you aren't a slave to fashion.

You tend to put your own spin on trends.

You tend to have a fast paced, busy lifestyle.

Not a lot of people can keep up with you!

You should live: Near nature

You should work: In a job that keeps you on the go

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Where does the time go?

I KNOW it was just yesterday that I came home from the hospital with my little baby boy. IT was NOT six years ago. NO NO NO!!! It's not possible. I am not ready for him to be six!!!!

BUT he is. Six... TODAY!!!! My little Valentine's Baby... in now my Valentine's Boy!!!...

Six years old.. Six years to love him, Six years to watch him grow... Six years of new accomplishments.... yet there are times that I look at him and wonder "Who is this child? WHere did he come from? WHere is my baby?"

I just peeked in on him sleeping. He looks so BIG in his bed. No baby blankets, no bottles, no pacifers. No diapers.. (wait that's a good thing).

He's becoming so independent. I am not ready for him to grow up.

Some please tell him to stop. I think he is doing it to spite me. I tell him but he doesn't listen. Maybe he will listen to you.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Who Knows ME Best?

When asked this question, I immediately thought of Steve. My husband. He knows me very well. He doesn't always "understand me" or "get me" but he knows me! He knows what I like to eat from most of the restuarants we go to. He knows my favorite things to drink. He knows what type of books I like to read. If you asked him my favorite type of music, or tv show, he could answer those questions easy. He knows the day to day stuff. But even more than that, he knows the deeper stuff. He knows when I have had a bad day at work, not by the expression on my face, but by what station the radio is on when he gets in the car. But even more important than the STUFF that he knows, is how he shows that he knows. It's the little things. Like buying me a cell phone cover on a business trip. He knew I had looked for one, couldn't find one here, and saw it on his trip and bought it for me. Or, buying my favorite snack at the grocery store.. or a book by one of my favorite authors... or a copy of a movie with an actor that he knows I like. He knows how to make me laugh when I am sad. He knows when to leave me alone when I am angry. (Although lately he seems to forget that he knows this.) He knows when to give me hugs and when to just let me cry. He knows my good moods and my bad ones. After dating for 7 years and 13 years of marriage, he should know me best. However, I do like to change my mind about things, if for no other reason than to keep him on his toes.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Step One...

My word for the year is ACCOMPLISH!... I was unhappy with the look of my blog... learning how to change it and make it purty was one of the things I wanted to accomplish this year. Thanks to a friend named Janelle, I was able to do that. HUGS to Janelle. NOw I have a purty girly blog