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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Random thoughts from a random mind..

I haven't really blogged lately.. school has been keeping me busy.. but I am beginning to see the light at the end of the chaotic hectic tunnel that is the beginning of the year. All of the paperwork is just about finished, and I am hitting the groove and stride that will see me through till the end of the year. (I hope).

Wyatt has started kindergarten. After some adjustments on his part, and mine, he is hitting his stride too. A new school year means a new bed time, and he carefully watches the clock so that he can be in bed on time.

While I am settling into the groove at school, at home I am not doing so well. I am used to coming home, starting dinner, putting a load of laundry on to wash. and working on my school stuff while I cook. THen having an hour or so to relax before bedtime. But with Wyatt in school, our routine's have changed. Now I come in, start dinner, put a load of clothes on to wash, and sit down at the table to help with homework while I cook. This means I am either doing all of my school stuff right up until bedtime, or bringing it all home to do on the weekend. I hate having to do my work on the weekend, but it's important for me to help Wyatt with his homework first.

Speaking of homework, tonight he had to use red and yellow counters for Math. Now as a teacher I am thinking "yeah manipulatives, hands-on, graphs, yeah"..then I read the directions: take a handful of counters and drop them in the square. Create a graph to show how many red and how many yellow counters you have. Discuss the graph." Now as a teacher, I have a full set of manipulatives at my disposal at school. SO I am used to the terminology and know how to be creative and make what I don't have. (Not to mention that I bought a small set of basic Math manipulatives last year in preparation for helping wyatt when he started school.) But the average parent, would not have these things on hand, and some would not know what a red and yellow counter is. (you know red on one side and yellow on the other). I think it is horrible when teachers send homework that requires things that you might not have on hand at home. (As a teacher I try not to do that, and we make lots of things to take home as needed.)

OUr new bathroom decor irks me. WYatt grew tired of the rubber ducky theme I had in there. SO Steve agreed. I was outvoted. Wyatt got to pick out the new decor. He chose lighthouses. (BORING!).. adn the ugliest shower curtain (which steve likes). I hate it. it stinks being the only female in the house sometimes.

I think that it all i have to rant, rave and let my mind wander over tonight.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

I think I have a problem.....

I love shoes. I own 51 pair of shoes. No lie.. I counted them... really and truly... 51 pairs... that's not a lot.. I know people who have more than me... the people who own Payless shoes have WAY more shoes than me and they don't even wear the ones they own.. I wear all of mine.. maybe not EVERY day.. but I do wear them..

Steve asked me "how many feet do you have? How many pairs of shoes do you need?" Umm.. I told him 43... umm... then I counted.. no no.. not 43..143.. yeah that's what I said..

I think I may have a problem... I have all of these shoes.. and now way of really organizing them...soo they just sit on my floor, waiting their turn to be worn.. sorry brown chunky boots, you will have to wait until it cools down.. it's too hot to wear you today.. but don't worry you will get a turn I promise..

now... where did I put the sales ad for Payless shoes? I just know there is a buy one get one half off sale this week... umm.. so I have to buy two pair right?? I mean.. really IT"S A SALE....