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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Pop pop pop

Last weekend Wyatt was bored. So I pulled out the surprise I had bought at the store earlier that day. JIFFY POP!!! WYatt had never seen popcorn that wasn't cooked in the microwave. Soo he was a little skeptical.
After I showed him how to hold the pan carefully, and to shake it.. he quickly became excited... and his eyes kept getting bigger and bigger as the top of the pan began to grow.
Finally he was able to eat his popcorn. It tasted every bit as good as I remember Jiffy Pop tasting. When asked if he wanted to do this another time, he said "nah, it takes to long.. next time just put it in the microwave."

Friday, December 21, 2007

The Meaning of Life: contentment

As I sit here, surrounded by the trappings and trimmings of Christmas, I find myself thinking of my life and the direction I am headed in. I think about the things I have and the things I want, as well as the things I value the most. I realized that the reason it is hard for me to make a Christmas list, is that I have almost everything I need or want. I don't really have that many wants. Not really, despite what my husband may think or say otherwise. I have my family, all living close by, where we can visit regularly, and do things together. I have my health, and my family has theirs. I have friends, both those that live near me and those that are scattered around this sphere we live on. These friends cheer me up when I am sad, listen to me vent my frustrations, and offer advice and laughter all the time. I have a house, and a car that is now officially paid for and belongs to me. I have a job. What more could I ask for? Why did I start thinking about these things?

Because of a conversation that I had today with a lady I have known for years. Since Steve and I started dating. She married one of his friends. She kept talking about how much money her husband made, adn the new car they just bought b/c the other one was two years old.. and the house they moved into with 5 bedrooms, and 6 bathrooms for 3 people. Then after about 15 minutes of this type of "conversation" she asked if Steve and I still lived in our "cute little house" and when we would be moving to a larger house. SHe really didn't like my "answer" of "WE are happy where we are." SHe actually asked me "are you really happy?"

I realized at that moment that for me the meaning of life is all about one thing: Contentment... I am content and happy with my life.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Is it really Possible?

Is is really possible that my baby is READING? I mean really reading!! It seems like he was born yesterday. Now he is in kindergarten. He started kindergarten in AUGUST, he knew most of his alphabet, and now in 18 short weeks, he is reading. Every night we sit and he reads from one of his little beginning reading books. He blends his sounds, and reads the words. He needs help with most of the bigger words, but tonight he read a whole book. He needed help with ONE WORD! ONE!! That's all.
I am so proud of him. He is working really hard to learn everything. He loves learning, and he is soo excited to be reading books.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Still HOT!!

I hate hot weather in December. It's 5:00 AM... and 72 degrees... and the high is 83 degrees.... I hate hot weather in December.that's all.

Saturday, December 8, 2007


Crammit... it's 80 freaking degrees here.. it was 84 at the hottest point of the day.. it's DECEMBER... It is supposed to be COOLER.. maybe a little chilly.. 50's would be good.. .I should not be wearing shorts, and flip flops (and a tee shirt) to the Christmas parade.. It doesn't feel like Christmas... I WANT SOME COLD WEATHER!!!

Friday, December 7, 2007

My Favorite Christmas Memory

My favorite Christmas memory since my son was born, involves this show. Santa Claus is Coming to Town. I Love Christmas shows, and even though Wyatt was only 10 months old, I wanted him to see the shows that I grew up watching every Christmas. Soo this show came on, and I remember sitting on the living room floor with Wyatt. He had been crawling around the room, while I watched the show. He just didn't appear that interested in the show for some reason. Right when Kris was singing the song about "you put one foot in front of the other, and soon you will be walking across the floor" Wyatt had pulled up to the sofa, and then off he went. HE WAS WALKING!! He took 4 good steps before he sat down and laughed. Now I have the dvd of the show, and every time I watch it, it reminds me of my baby and his first steps. Now he is 5, and those first steps seem soo long ago.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

MY Tree this year. 7 1/2 foot pre lit, and trimmed in blue/silver and white ornaments. I LOVE my tree. Here are a few of my favorite ornaments. This is one of 5 trees I put up this year, it's the biggest and it sits in my living room.
My "tiara" ornament.
I have several of these angel ornaments on my tree. I love them. I want a few more.
I love the look of the silver wire, beaded ornaments.
My new tree topper.. a silver and white angel.

Traveling Vietnam Wall..

I get a call on my way home from work. My sister is telling me that the "Traveling Vietnam Wall is passing through our town on the way to a town next to ours." Trafic was going to be blocked off for a time, as the truck carrying the Wall, and a MOTORCADE of motorcycles escorted the Wall to the Church that would display it for the Veteran's Day weekend. Sure enough, people were lining the street to wave and salute as It passed by. As I could go no further until the "parade" passed, my sisters and I joined the small crowd. I have seen the Traveling Wall before and it moved me to tears. As I stood on the street waiting for the Truck to pass, I explained to my niece what it was like to see it. All of the names, each representing a fallen hero. The momentos left by survivors, family members, and friends. THere were really no words to describe how it had made me feel.
OVer 3000 motorcycles escorted the Truck to the Church. Some were part of a group of Veterans who often escort the hearse of fallen Soldiers from the current war. It was quite moving to see the big, burly men roar by on their motorcycles. I was most touched by the tears I saw sliding down their cheeks. On the news that night, one of the men said that it made him feel like people really cared, when he sees them standing there, waving, and saluting as he drives by. That statement made me cry all over again.
We didnt' get to go see teh Wall all set up. The weather was rainy. I didn't want to get Wyatt out in the rain. I don't think he would have understood the meaning of it at his age. But the next time it is near here, I will make it a point to take him to see it. If you ever get the chance to see it, I urge you to go. You will leave there with a new perspective.

Halloween 2007

How could I neglect to post my Halloween photos this year? I have been busy. That's my excuse. It's not a good one but it's the only one I have. In the first photo, we have my niece ALex. SHe went as a nerd. SHe wore my old Napleon Dynamite wig (from three years ago). SHe doesn't normally look like that. SHe had the laugh down pat.
Then we have Wyatt. The red Powerranger. I was surprised that he really wore the mask for all of about 15 minutes.

Last, We had a special visitor this year. Hiding among the trees was Michael Myers. TIffany had a good time being MIchael this year. She had the walk, the stiff legged walk, the fake knife.. and she didn't speak at all. SHe just followed people. At first they were wanting thier picture taken with her. Then after the sun went down, people were a little creeped out by her. One woman, came walking by, looked at "Michael", who then began to follow the lady. THe lady would walk a little faster, Mike would walk a little faster, it ended with the lady really RUNNING down the street. We all had a good time laughing at Tiffany.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

A friend like no other

My friend.. Kat... That's how I describe her. She lives in Texas and we met online, and then in person. WE don't see each other often, and there are times when we go awhile without talkign on the phone due to hectic lives filled with work/family/life. But when we do get a chance to reconnect, it's like we haven't been out of touch that much. We talk, we laugh, and we gripe about our kids. But most of all we laugh. SHe's one of the women I most admire in the world. Since I have met her, she's face more challenges than anyone else I know. She meets these challenges head on, and lets nothing stop her from doing what she wants to do. SHe loves her kids, even when they drive her crazy. She loves her family, even those that drive her crazy. SHe loves her friends,I don't drive her crazy. (shhh.. Don't wave no bs flags at me now.) We have lots in common, but are different in our own way. I wouldn't change a thing about her, well, except to move our houses closer together. SHe MY friend. My Kat.

It's the Most WOnderful TIme of the YEar..

It's the Most wonderful time of the year. For me anyway. I love Christmas. THe Whole Christmas season.. WHY?

10: The decorations. I am a kid at heart. I love seeing the lights, the trees, the snowmen (or plasticmen as we have no snow here). I love decorating the house and making it all festive. SLowly I am adding to my decoration collection (much to Steve's chagrin). Eventually I will have my house looking the way I want it to look.

9: The music. I love music, but holiday music always makes me smile and sing and just feel all good inside.

8: The movies: ooh.. I love sitting at home at night and watching Christmas movies. Yes most are cheesy, but they always make me feel happy.

7: The weather: I know. I know. My friend, Tigger, would say "bah, cold weather snow bah".. (or something like that).. but I love the cold weather in December. Maybe because I live in South Louisiana, and it doesn't get that cold down here. But I love the chill in the air.

6: The good cheer: NOT THAT KIND OF CHEER!!! (Get your minds out of the gutter you silly dawgs). I mean the good cheer that most people have this time of year. Yes traffic is a little worse, and the stores are a little more crowded. But it seems that people are little nicer to each other during the holiday season.

5: The parties: Christmas parties. where everyone dresses up in nice clothes and we gather to celebrate the holiday. Regardless of if we exchange gifts or just socialize. It's a lot of fun.

4: The cookies: I am not a huge cookie fan. But at Christmas I love the cookies. SUgar cookies cut in shapes and decorated with colored sugar and frosting; chocolate chip cookies, gingerbread cookies, almond crescents, sweet dough tarts, peanut butter cookies... oooh.. I love baking cookies during the holidays. It reminds me of the times I spent with my mom and my grandmother baking cookies. It makes the house smell yummy.

3: The shopping: I Love shopping for others. I love looking for the perfect gift for friends or family members, thinking of how much I love them, and how much I hope they will like the gift. Sometimes it's just something as simple as a rice cooker that was mentioned by someone when their old one was giving out or remembering that favorite author a friend likes and then finding a new book by that author. When people say "it's not the gift it's the thought behind it", it's true. I always put a lot of thought into the gifts I buy. even gift cards, b/c I know how much teenagers like shopping.

2: The cards: Getting cards in mail from old friends and family that we don't see all that often through out the year. Sending cards to the same ones, with a letter about how our year went.

1: THe Christmas Story: I love going to church on Christmas Eve and listening to the Story of the birth of Christ. It's a time for me to sit and reflect on the year past, and think of the people who are no longer with us. A time to pray for the future. It's a time of peace during the hectic busy season. It's my rejuvenation.

it's been awhile...

School started.. I got busy.. it's been awhile... I need to be a better blogger.. I will be a better blogger.. I promise..

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Random thoughts from a random mind..

I haven't really blogged lately.. school has been keeping me busy.. but I am beginning to see the light at the end of the chaotic hectic tunnel that is the beginning of the year. All of the paperwork is just about finished, and I am hitting the groove and stride that will see me through till the end of the year. (I hope).

Wyatt has started kindergarten. After some adjustments on his part, and mine, he is hitting his stride too. A new school year means a new bed time, and he carefully watches the clock so that he can be in bed on time.

While I am settling into the groove at school, at home I am not doing so well. I am used to coming home, starting dinner, putting a load of laundry on to wash. and working on my school stuff while I cook. THen having an hour or so to relax before bedtime. But with Wyatt in school, our routine's have changed. Now I come in, start dinner, put a load of clothes on to wash, and sit down at the table to help with homework while I cook. This means I am either doing all of my school stuff right up until bedtime, or bringing it all home to do on the weekend. I hate having to do my work on the weekend, but it's important for me to help Wyatt with his homework first.

Speaking of homework, tonight he had to use red and yellow counters for Math. Now as a teacher I am thinking "yeah manipulatives, hands-on, graphs, yeah"..then I read the directions: take a handful of counters and drop them in the square. Create a graph to show how many red and how many yellow counters you have. Discuss the graph." Now as a teacher, I have a full set of manipulatives at my disposal at school. SO I am used to the terminology and know how to be creative and make what I don't have. (Not to mention that I bought a small set of basic Math manipulatives last year in preparation for helping wyatt when he started school.) But the average parent, would not have these things on hand, and some would not know what a red and yellow counter is. (you know red on one side and yellow on the other). I think it is horrible when teachers send homework that requires things that you might not have on hand at home. (As a teacher I try not to do that, and we make lots of things to take home as needed.)

OUr new bathroom decor irks me. WYatt grew tired of the rubber ducky theme I had in there. SO Steve agreed. I was outvoted. Wyatt got to pick out the new decor. He chose lighthouses. (BORING!).. adn the ugliest shower curtain (which steve likes). I hate it. it stinks being the only female in the house sometimes.

I think that it all i have to rant, rave and let my mind wander over tonight.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

I think I have a problem.....

I love shoes. I own 51 pair of shoes. No lie.. I counted them... really and truly... 51 pairs... that's not a lot.. I know people who have more than me... the people who own Payless shoes have WAY more shoes than me and they don't even wear the ones they own.. I wear all of mine.. maybe not EVERY day.. but I do wear them..

Steve asked me "how many feet do you have? How many pairs of shoes do you need?" Umm.. I told him 43... umm... then I counted.. no no.. not 43..143.. yeah that's what I said..

I think I may have a problem... I have all of these shoes.. and now way of really organizing them...soo they just sit on my floor, waiting their turn to be worn.. sorry brown chunky boots, you will have to wait until it cools down.. it's too hot to wear you today.. but don't worry you will get a turn I promise..

now... where did I put the sales ad for Payless shoes? I just know there is a buy one get one half off sale this week... umm.. so I have to buy two pair right?? I mean.. really IT"S A SALE....

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I cried a little Yesterday..

It was Wyatt's first day of Kindergarten. He didn't want me or his dad to meet his bus at school. SO I dropped him off at daycare, and went to work. I cried a little bit on the way to work. Just a few tears fell, a few compared to the many thoughts going through my head. Will he miss me? What will he do if he gets scared? Will he get lost? What if he can't find the bathroom? I calmed myself down by thinking of how much he loves to learn new things and how excited he was going to be. After school I rushed to daycare to pick him up. He told me all about his day, answering many of my unanswered questions. He got off the bus at school, walked up to a teacher and asked how to find his classroom. His teacher is really nice. He ate almost all of his lunch. He got candy on his back at nap time b/c he was laying on his mat quietly. Then he told me all about the story the teacher read to them. "The Kissing Hand". About a raccoon on his first day of school, and how the mom kissed his little hand to remind him of her all day long. I cried again when he reached over and kissed my hand and said "Now when you miss me, you can look right there and know I love you."

The good part is that he had a great time. AND he wants to go back. The bad part is he is growing up and I Cant stop him.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Just Tigger...

In my mind I have a list of people I most admire in the world. This list includes my mom, my friend Kat, Oprah, and my mother-in-law. ALso in that list is my friend, Sandi. Or Tigger as I know her. I don't think Tigger even knows that she is on that list. I don't think I have ever mentioned it to her. Tigger is not famous, or even infamous (unless you believe everything you read about her lol and most of it I Made up. lol). She is JUST TIGGER!!! I have never met her in real life, but I have known her for years. We met online at Sooo... why does someone who is not famous and I have never met get to become one of the people I admire? The answer is simple.

One of the things that first drew me to Tigger was her funny posts on the message board at A place where people talk about scrapbooking and much more. Tigger's posts could make me laugh and brighten up a cloudy day then, and even more so now. I often find myself laughing out loud at something she has written. Mostly she laughs at herself. SHe is not ashamed or embarrassed to tell us of things in her personal life that are funny or strange, and then laugh about them with us. She will join in the teasing, but she does so kindly and with love.

I admire Tigger for her relationship with her husband. I love how she never really "bashes" him for things he does wrong. She may complain, but she is always quick to come to his defense. SHe may not like some of the things that he does, but she knows that what it takes to make her marriage work.

I admire Tigger for her relationship with other people. She is caring and kind to others. She offers advice, hugs, or even good thoughts. Her teasing is done with kindness and love, and she is quick to apologize if she thinks she has crossed a line that offended someone.

I admire Tigger's talent at scrapbooking. She is truly one of the most talented scrappers I know. I think her work is much better than most I have seen in scrap magazines. (And I am not just blowing sparkles up her skirt either.) I have tried to "lift" one of pages, but I can't make them turn out like hers. Where hers are beautiful tributes to the people in her life, mine are more like a jumble of glue and paper with a photo stuck on top. But that's okay.. her scrapbook pages are beautiful to look at, and I am not jealous at all.

The thing I admire most about Tigger is her outlook on life. She has faced things that have made weaker people give up hope. She is a strong person and I admire that in a person. Yes, she is freakishly phobia challenged: certain types of pasta, sock monkeys, dolls with eyes that open/close, making left hand turns, cereal killers to name a few. (I won't go into having every illness that she reads/hears about.. lol) SHe has good qualities to balance out the strange ones: she loves animals. Especially dogs, although I do not understand the smelling of puppy feet, I will trust her that they smell good. SHe loves her friends and family. She loves to laugh.

I have not mentioned her beauty. No, Tigger is not a hideously ugly person. In fact, just the opposite. She is quite beautiful. Every photo that I have ever seen of Tigger, she is smiling. When you look at the photos, look at her eyes. She smiles with her eyes. A genuinely happy person has that gleam in thier eye. Every photo she has that gleam in her eye.. (well not the ones of her butt, but that's another story).

Now, I have typed all of this, and I know that when she reads this, she is going to ask herself "SELF where is the zing? WHen does MIssy make the crack about my age?" Well.. now.. I can't disappoint a friend now can I? Tigger is older than I am, but only by 11 years. In fact she made 50 this year. But to know TIgger, is to know that she does not seem to be 50. In my mind, Tigger is ageless. Yes I tease her about being "tigger old". But in my mind, Tigger Old is just a way of saying ageless. I mean, she goes down waterslides while drinking beer, she listens to a wide range of music that most people her age wouldn't never appreciate, she dances around her house with more energy than I have on a good day, and she laughs.

Laughing, scrapping, loving, caring, kind, talented, smiling.. she is JUST TIGGER. My Friend. (not my fifty year old friend.) I admire her! I love her as I do my sisters. Not many people get that distinction.


Monday, July 30, 2007

River of Denial...

Tell me summer vacation is not over. Don't tell me I have to go back to work next week. Let me float down the river of denial a little longer. In the relative peace and quiet that is my life during the summer. Yes I work at home.. cleaning house.. doing laundry... mowing grass.... but it's nothing compared to teaching. I come home exhausted and tired. I love teaching, but slowly finding myself burning out. I am thinking it's time for a career change. Now if I could only find someone to pay me to sit at home and play on the computer I would be a happy camper. Until such time as that happens.. from AUgust to June I will be in the classroom.. It's going to be a great school year right?? (lie to me please??)

Top 3 Favorite Tv Shows

I am not a huge television watching person. When it is on, it's usually just for background noise while I am on the computer or scrapping, and then only if Steve and Wyatt are home. Just me.. I may go all day without turning the tv on. BUt when I do "watch", there are certain things I like...

1. CSI.. I like the all.. it's the whole mystery thing.. I love mysteries.

2. Law and Order... I like them all..

3. Desperate Housewives

Thursday, July 12, 2007

still random stuffs...

still fulfilling the tagged requirements.. lol

16. I hate having a sunburn. I seldom burn. I am usually pretty good about sunscreen. But the part I hate is when the skin starts to peel. It's freaky looking and makes me gag.

17. I love flip flops. I just weeded through my collection.. and threw out 15 pair of flip flops that were old/dirty/falling apart.

18. I hate football. Unless the LSU Tigers are playing. THen I will watch them on tv, but I will not go to the game itself.

19. I hate being stuck in crowds. I get nervous and panicky. Hence the reason why I don't like Mardi Gras Parades and football games.

20. I don't mind being stuck in traffic. As long as I know that someone can pick up wyatt, I will happily sit in traffic, and listen to the radio. Sometimes it is the only time I have to myself.

21. I can't wrap presents. Seriously. I suck at it. THe paper is always wrinkled and creased. Steve laughs at me. HE usually wraps presents for me.

22. I don't like to cook. However, I do like to bake.

23. I don't have a favorite season. I see the beauty in each season, so therefore I take the good and the bad associated with each one.

24. I don't mind growing older. Age doesn't bother me. (I just like to pick on Tigger about being old.)

25. I have never played an organized sport. Ever. Not counting gym class in high school.

26. When I was younger, I used to hit my sister so my mom would send me to my room as a punishment. That way I could read in peace and quiet.

27. I have only seriously dated one person. I married him. I have never felt that I missed anything by not dating lots of people.

28. My favorite food is boiled seafood. Particularly boiled crabs/boiled crawfish/boiled shrimp.

THere I am done... 28 random facts about me. Now no one else tag me..

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Little Known Facts about ME!!!

I was tagged... FOUR FREAKING TIMES... I have to list 7 random facts about myself for each tag... that's 28 facts... I will do some a little at a time. I have to think to find that much out about myself. Here we go...

1. I have to sleep with one foot sticking out of the covers at all times. No matter how cold it is.. one foot must be out of the covers. If the foot gets covered, I feel like I am suffocating.

2. I have never riden in a taxi, a public bus, or a train. I am not counting school buses or the tour bus or the train at the zoo. I mean PUBLIC transportation. Never done it. I don't think I would know how to use the public bus system in Baton Rouge. I am sure that I would be lost forever riding on the bus around town.

3. I am really close to my two sisters. We have always been close, even growing up. We seldom really fought or argued.

4. I have a birthmark. It's on the upper part of my chest. Nearer my shoulder on the right side... it looks like a strawberry, you can barely see it now, but when I was younger it was bright red. THen it slowly faded to a bruise colored mark. But it was located in such a spot that as a teenager, people would think it was a "hickey". OH and when I get mad, it turns BRIGHT red.

5. My favorite food is boiled crabs (well boiled crawfish and boiled shrimp too.)

6. I have never wanted to live anywhere but in Louisiana. I love where I live.. the music.. the food... the history... it's a unique and special place to me.

7. I do not have a favorite color. I like lots of colors, but none I consider my favorites.

8. I love music. Any kind of music will do, although I really do not like Rap/hip hop or opera. My choice in music again depends on my mood. BUT the music that makes me want to get up and dance the most is cajun music.

9. I speak very little cajun french. Sad but true fact. My grandfather never taught his children to speak it. It's a dying language. This is because most cajun french children in the past were forbidden to speak cajun french in schools. They would be punished for not speaking English.

10. I love jewelry. BUT my favorite type of jewelry would have to be charm bracelets. I just adore them.

11. My dream car: 1968 Mustang. I would settle for a 2007 Mustang GT. In the dark blue color please.

12. I watch very little tv. I may listen to the tv, but usually it is just background noise while I read a book.

13. I love puzzles. NOt jigsaw puzzles, those aggravate me. But crossword puzzles. My favorite puzzle magazine is the "variety" type anagrams/crostics/crosswords type magazines.

14. My favorite board game is scrabble. But no one in my family will play with me anymore. They say I know too many words.

15. I love spending time with my husband. He knows me well enough to know how to make me laugh, and how to pull me out of funky moods. We enjoy playing different types of board games together. Even just sitting next to him while we both read our own book is fun.

That's enough for tonight I will add some tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

tagged.. me??

I have been tagged.. by Jeanne and by ANgie... I am tired.. it's late.. and I have to be up early tomorrow for my vacation.. I will fulfill my tagging duties when I return from my cruise..

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Getting ready for a trip

Nothing much going on. I have been spending time getting ready for a trip with Steve. No Wyatt. I feel a little guilty, but a little relieved as well.

Last night we began the packing process. I still marvel at the differences in men vs. women when it comes to packing. His toiletries fit in one small container: shaving creme, razor, deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush. Mine on the other hand needs a small u-haul: shaving gel, razor, deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush, hairbrush, hairspray, volumizing gel, anti frizz stuff, curling iron, blow dryer, perfume, all of my makeup, scrunchie, headbands, makeup remover, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, body lotion, and the list continues. LEt's not start on the clothes issue.. that's gonna be a bad bad situation. YOU Must have shoes to match each outfit, you can't wear the same outfit twice, jewelry must match each outfit, and you need multiple outfits for each day.

I can't wait for our trip. A cruise to Cozumel. I'm excited. Now to decide which camera to take.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Scenes from a Swamp.

I took Wyatt to visit Bluebonnet Swamp. For those of you who don't know, it's a "walk through" swamp in the center of Baton Rouge. A nature preserve of sorts. Anyway, I wanted to play with my camera so off we went. I will go back when Wyatt is not with me. He was a little whiney. But we still had fun. Here are a few of my favorite shots.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Swim Star

Wyatt was a very reluctant swimmer this year. It was only his second year of swim lessons but he was still a little nervous. He was fine as long as he stayed in the shallow end, and could touch bottom. He gradually began to put his face in the water and go under for longer periods of time. The picture above shows him doing his "swim drills." This is the rocket. He had to push off of the step and glide to Mr. Lance.
This is a photo of Wyatt after he jumped in from the side of the pool. He had to come up for a breath and then swim to the opposite side of the pool to the ladder. It was slow going for him, but he tried his very best.

Finally it was time to jump from the diving board. Wyatt would not get on the board, but did agree to jump in from the side next to the diving board. Then he had to turn and swim to the ladder to get out. I was very proud of him for attempting this.

To give you an idea of just how much of an accomplishment this was for him, look at his face. PURE TERROR!! HE was very afraid of what he knew was coming up. But he did not give up, he tried and did more than I expected him to do. Way to go my little swim star.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Rural Life Museum

My first weekly adventure

I took off today on an adventure. I wanted to play with my camera. I wanted new things to take pictures of. SO off I went to the Rural Life Museum. It's a museum dedicated to the lives of people who worked and lived on farms and plantations of Louisiana. It is situated in the middle of the city, right off of an interstate. However, after driving down the long winding road, it's like stepping into a whole different world. A world of the past. The farm buildings are humble, simple examples of architeture of rural Louisiana. THe plantation buildings are set up just like they would have been during the 1800's. It was a peaceful adventure. I quickly lost track of time as I looked and wondered and thought about the past. How miserable were people living in Louisiana before the Air Conditioner was invented? What did the slaves think as they were forced to work on the plantation far from thier homes and loved ones? Did a young girl sit by the relecting pond, in a pretty dress? Did a wife or mother kneel to pray in the church while a loved one was off fighting in the Civil War? Before I knew it, I had spent 2 1/2 hours walking and taking photos. I had drained the battery on my camera. I had worked up a huge thirst and hunger. I was off to meet with Steve for lunch. I will go back there one day soon. I will take Wyatt with me. I want him to see things from the past, to see how people lived and worked back then. I want to take his picture in some of these settings. I enjoyed my day. It was peaceful, relaxing and fun. Now.. where shall I go next week?

Thursday, June 7, 2007

okay this is for the ladies at the Dawg. My cute little button bottles. Really it's just salt/pepper shakers filled with buttons. But some crazy scrapbook store was selling them for $8!!! I liked them, and decided to make my own.. already had the buttons.. bought the bottles for $1 each at dollar tree. The other picture is my ribbon/button/glass jar storage area in my scrapbook room. I put all of the glass jars onto one of those rubber maid tiered shelves (made for the pantry to hold spice jars and such)... I love that it's right in front of me when I scrap. That way I might actually use this stuff.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

my new loves

I love purses. Small ones, big ones, I don't care. I just love them. I bought these this month. The bamboo one is my cute new summer purse. I love the bling palm tree. It's cute and fun. The black one is my FAVORITE DREAM purse. It's the one that I have dream of owning for a long time. It's my Kathy Van Zeeland. I love the little heart charms that are on it.

these are some of the things that I have altered this week... the first two are little picture frame magnets. The second one is a door hanger for my niece for her birthday.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

vacation time!!!

It's going to happen. It's really going to happen. Steve and I are going on a vacation. Just the two of us. I have arranged for Wyatt to stay with my mom and my sister. I have booked our vacation. Where are we going? We are going on a cruise. I am sooo excited. I have always wanted to take a cruise. Ever since I was a little girl and watched Love Boat on tv. It's a short cruise, but that's fine. We will have one stop, Cozumel, Mexico. We are going to see Mayan Ruins. I am really excited about that. I have always been fascinated with ancient civilizations and how people before us lived.

Now I just need to buy some decent clothes. (I dont' think tee shirts and shorts with holes in them are going to work on this vacation.) I need to get a passport. (Hopefully this will be done in time.. may have to rush it through). I need to pack. (well I only have 36 days to plan what to take.) I need to gather some reading material. (Two paperbacks and 3 magazines should be enough.) Make a list.. check it twice... get excited.. wait..I am already excited.

I am taking my camera. I want to get some pictures at the ruins. OOHH I need to go and finish reading the field guide book. THIS MUST BE DONE!!!

oh me oh my... I can't wait.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Dreams really do come true!

Summer is proof for teachers that dreams really do come true. I am happy that summer is here. I want to spend my days doing ordinary routine things like cleaning, and grocery shopping. Cleaning, sounds weird huh? But during the summer, it is easier to keep it clean with little effort on my part. Then I can have time to do things I want to do. My plans for the summer include: hanging out in the pool, reading lots of good books, creating layouts for my scrapbook, and taking pictures with my camera.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Summer Fun

There is just something about summer, sprinklers, and kids that just go hand in hand. Steve wanted to water the grass this evening. Wyatt wanted to play in the sprinklers. I HAD to take pictures. It's only natural. I love this shot of Wyatt at play. Head back, mouth open to catch the water, and laughing like a hyena. I remember doing the same exact thing growing up. It's good to know that somethings just never change. So what if he had on clean clothes, and it was getting late. SOmetimes you just have to let them have Summer Fun.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

a day at the zoo:

I needed to get out of the house. I wanted to play with my camera. I wanted to go to the zoo. However, Steve and Wyatt wanted to stay at home. Solution: I went to the zoo all by my self. I seldom go anywhere by myself. Well, not counting work or grocery shopping. I was surprised when I found myself actually enjoying the day. I could walk at my own pace. I could stop and sit and just enjoy the view. I could wait until I was able to set up and take the perfect shot. I was able to relax. Some of the pictures that I took didn't come out so well. I'm okay with that. Not every photo will be perfect. It's a learning process. I have to stop and remember that I have only seriously been taking photos for about 1 month now. It takes time. I can live with that. That means more days to be alone and relax. These are two of my favorite shots of the day.

I never get to go and look at the parrots. Wyatt thinks that they are boring. I think that they are beautiful. I stood at the different bird cages for a long time admiring their beautiful colors. It was very shady in that area. Shady means cooler. Shady also means hard to take photos. So this one is very special to me.

The alligators are usually under the water or facing the wrong way. I was lucky that this guy was up near the front and "smiling" for the camera. It looks like I was right there in the cage with him. But there were two fences between us. They are low fences, so I was able to get a good clear shot of this guy.

While I was walking around the zoo, I noticed myself looking at the landscape more carefully. There are lots of areas that are shady and so pretty to just look at. I found myself trying to capture the feeling of peace and tranquilty that they portray to me. This is one of the areas that leads to the "behind the scenes areas" Not really important, but so peaceful feeling. I would love to put a blanket in the shade, and sit and read a book.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Favorite pastime

I love how Wyatt can entertain himself when he is playing at home. HIs favorite pastime is spent playing with his cars and trucks. When he saw this "MegaRigz" toy advertised on tv, he went nuts. Apparently it is some kind of construction machine, that comes in pieces, and can be put together in different configurations to make 12+ different construction machines. He only asked once if he could have it. He never really asks for toys that often. Candy, yes. Snacks, yes. Ice cream, yes. Toys, not often. His dad and I made a deal with him. IF he would keep his room clean, do his chores, and work on following all of the rules, we would buy him this much coveted toy. We waited until Steve had to take a week long business trip. Wyatt worked so hard that week, to do everything just right. He kept his room clean. Not spotless, but clean enough. He kept his clothes in the laundry hamper, instead of on the floor. I had to remind him, but he picked them up quickly. He cleared his spot at the table every night. He slept in his room, alone, all night for the whole week. When Steve came home, Wyatt couldn't wait to show him what a "big, responsible" boy he was. When we went to run errands that day, we made a stop at Toys R us. Wyatt was told that he could pick out one toy (we put a price limit on it). He walked straight to the MegaRigz and said "Okay, lets check out now." Every night, he plays with cars and trucks of some type: construction, nascar, trucks, monster trucks, cars movie cars, it doesn't matter.. Wyatt will sit on the floor and play with his favorite toys.. quietly playing... well.. playing... he does tend to make a lot of "Motor" noises when he plays.. I love to watch the imagination that he puts into his playtime routine. Each car makes a different motor sound. Each one has a different job. If he watches a show on the discovery channel, he will find his cars and act it out.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

My flowers are blooming

My dwarf gardenias started blooming this weekend. I wanted to practice with my camera, so I took advantage of the early morning to capture a few shots. This is my favorite.
Camera: Canon Digital Rebel XT
1/200; f/5.6; iso 100 80mm

Give it your all

I love this photo of you. You were at your tee ball game and as usual I was snapping pics like crazy. I caught this one of you as you were running to third base. Shirt half untucked, because you did it yourself. The look on your face is priceless. Who cares that it is instructional league tee ball? One look at you, intent on making to the next base, before you are tagged out, and one would think that you were in a fierce battle to score the winning run. Running all out as fast as your little legs will carry you.. tongue hanging out.. arms pumping... you are giving it your all... I hope that you continue to do give your all at everything you do. I hope that you continue to have as much fun in all that you do.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Baby Steps to Growing up

It has started. Wyatt is really growing up to be a big boy. I didn't notice it at first. Then all of a sudden it hit me. This week. Tuesday morning. 6:30 AM. The final piece fell into place. It all started at daycare. I am sorry at "school" as you call it. When I dropped you off, I could only go as far as the kitchen steps. I could get a kiss and a hug. Then I could only get a hug. "Mom, the big kids might see you kiss me. We can kiss in the car okay." Then I was stopped in the front room, and given a quick hug, but only after you looked around to see who was looking. Then it was to inside the front door, with no kiss, but just a wave of the hand as you bounded off inside. NOW THIs NEW STEP... we pull up to the school, and you are all but jumping out before the car stops. "Bye Mom, gotta go. Don't get out. I'm a big boy. See the door, it's right there. I will be fine. You stay here." Off you go. Strutting.. yes you strut when you are proud and pleased with yourself... to the door...opening the door... stepping inside... walking away. You didn't even turn around, just held up your hand as you walked inside. I guess I should be happy that you are so confident and independent. That means that I am a good mom right? That means that I am teaching you the right things? But did you have to learn them quite so soon? I wasn't ready for you to grow up.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

It's almost over

School that is. I have just a couple of weeks, or to be a little more precise 14 more days.til the end..or to be just a tad bit more precise: 10 days if you don't count weekends, and I don't count them... I don't think students look forward to the summer nearly as much as the teachers do.

THe Thrill of Victory and the Agony of Defeat

I have always known that I was proud of my nieces and my nephew. All four of them play softball/baseball, among other sports. All of them hold very high grades in school. I didn't know the amount of pride that I Could feel would be soooo overwhelming. I learned this lesson the last weekend in April.

Both of my nieces play softball for thier respective high schools. Both high schools won their district play off games. They were headed to the state tournament. Friday, TIffany had a game at 1:00. I had my cell phone in my pocket all afternoon. Just waiting on the phone call from my sister that would tell me the outcome of the game. A win would keep them in the tournament. A loss would send them home. The teams goal was to win the Friday game, to be one step closer to the tite than last year. Finally at 2:30, the call came. It was a win. That meant we were heading to Sulphur Louisiana the next morning. Kati didn't play until 6:00. I stayed up later than usual, so I could find out the score of her game. Finally at 10:30 pm, I found out that they won their game 1 to zero. That meant two games to watch the next day. I was one happy aunt.
Saturday, off we go. Jump in the truck, and take off to watch our girls. I had a small problem in that both games were to be played at the same time, and on different fields. Luckily the fields were not that far apart, so I could run between the two games to watch, cheer, and take pictures. Both games were exciting. Tiffany's started first. It was a good game. They won. They were stunned.... they were going to play that night at 7:00 for the STATE TITLE! I felt extremely proud of her. Then I dash over to watch the last inning of Kati's game. It was good as well.. Unfortunately, the outcome was not as good. After a hard fought battle, they lost. I was still very proud of her, win or lose she played her very best and that's all I could hope for.
Then Kati walked off of the field. My heart broke. Watching the tears fall down her face, and seeing the anguish and disappointment in her eyes was more than I could take. I tried to cheer her up. I hugged her, and felt soo useless. There was nothing I could do to make it better, and I felt bad about that. Finally we head to the truck, I cried the whole way there.
Now we faced a different problem. What to do for the night.. we decided on staying over, so we would not have to face a 2 1/2 hour drive home, at 10:00 pm. No big problem, we just didn't have any clothes, or necessities. But there's always a walmart around.
No sooner do we get checked into the hotel, eat a little dinner, then it is time to head back to the ball park. Why do they not make this a 3 day tournament? I know the girls must be tired. But they sure don't look it. 7:00 and they take the field. The game is very intense. NO score until the 7th inning. Bottom of the 7th and Tiffy's team is 1 out away from winning the title. Then it happens.. the other team scores. Ties up the game. This the overtime continues. What normally is a 7 inning, 1 1/2 hour game, turned into a 3 1/2 hour game, 11 inning game. I saw some of the most incredible plays that night. Girls stretching to a full split to catch the ball, slamming into the hard ground to slide to safety, banging into the fence to catch a pop up foul ball. Determination on their face. But victory was not to be for TIffy's team. THey lost 2 to 1. Still not bad.. that made them second in state in their division. But not the win they were hoping for.
I realized that win or lose, both of my girls did extremely well that day. THey played the sport they loved with heart and soul. They lost with dignity. They walked from the field with thier heads held high, even if disappointment wieghed down their spirits. I realized that that strange feeling in my chest was my heart full of pride. I didn't know the I could feel that pride so deeply. What I had thought was pride before was just a drop in the bucket compared to this feeling I had now. Words really can't describe that feeling.
High school ball was over for the season. But never fear, between tee-ball for my son, baseball for my nephew, and tournament softball for all 3 of my nieces the season for us is far from over.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Proud to be American

For some reason I was compelled to take this photo on Friday evening. I was at my niece's softball game, and We had stood for the National Anthem. As I looked at the flag, that was flying at half staff, in honor of the victims of the Virginia Tech Tragedy, I just knew that I had to take this photo. Every time that I have to stand for the National Anthem, I am overwhelmed with feelings that are so strong that I am all but in tears by the end of the song. I am proud that I live here, in the USA. I am proud of the soldiers who put their lives on the line, leave their families behind, in order to defend freedom. I am proud of the way our country pulls together in times of tragedy, to mourn people that we never knew, who died at the hands of others. It's one of the best feelings, this feeling inside of me. Words cannot describe it. All I know is that I am proud to be part of this country.

A real ball player

It's that time of year again. Baseball season is upon us. Wyatt was really looking forward to playing teeball again this year. It is just instructional league, but to Wyatt it's the real deal. He was really excited this year to move up from the outfield, to play on "pitchers base". I love watching him play tee ball. I marvel at how much he has improved since last year at this time. He hustles after the ball now instead of hustling to close the gates to the field. He listens to the coach,and tries his best to do what he is told to do. He watches the ball in play, instead of waving to people in the stands. This year he is a "real ball player."

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Family Easter Fun

It was a great Saturday.. Everyone was here. LIterally everyone. 20 + people. The weather could have been better. It was cold. Who invited the cold air down here? 46 degrees. But we still had the egg hunt. We had the kids play games: egg toss, musical eggs, spoon race, and "roll the egg with your nose". We had lots of laughs at that one. Steve and the guys hung out around the bbq pit, grilling up lunch. It was a nice day. I enjoyed watching the kids race around looking for eggs.. not that they had to look too hard. Seems the egg hiders were lazy this year, or else they had too many eggs to hide. Whatever the reason, it looked like the Easter Rabbit pooped eggs all over my yard. Dixie had fun, she ran around trying to pick up eggs and run off with them.
I was a little sad to see the day end. We had a cake, which worked out great b/c Friday as Randal's birthday. So we threw some candles on the cake, and sang to him. THen it was ice cream sundaes. Surprisingly, the kids did not eat too much candy. Of course, my mom didn't give them the "bulk" of it until they were ready to leave. Good plan there. 7 kids on sugar rush may have been a bit much.
Wyatt was excited that he found the "golden egg". Not that it was GOlden or had candy in it. But for him it was the best prize, the shiny pink egg. Now the count down until the Big Rabbit comes tonight. Wyatt is besides himself with excitement. Better go charge the camera battery and have it ready.

Friday, April 6, 2007

a day at the park

There is nothing more satisfying than watching a good ball game on a nice Spring day. Even better when you can cheer on someone you know. I love watching my nieces and nephew play ball. (They just have to remember to call and tell me that they have a game.) Yesterday was just such a day. Even though I wasn't feeling my best, when I received the call from Crystal that Tiffany had a home game, off I went, camera in hand. Of course, since Wyatt had to be at ball practice a little later on anyway, I felt justified. Tiffany gets so into the game. I love watching her play first base. I love watching her bat. The look on her face is always priceless.