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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Proud to be American

For some reason I was compelled to take this photo on Friday evening. I was at my niece's softball game, and We had stood for the National Anthem. As I looked at the flag, that was flying at half staff, in honor of the victims of the Virginia Tech Tragedy, I just knew that I had to take this photo. Every time that I have to stand for the National Anthem, I am overwhelmed with feelings that are so strong that I am all but in tears by the end of the song. I am proud that I live here, in the USA. I am proud of the soldiers who put their lives on the line, leave their families behind, in order to defend freedom. I am proud of the way our country pulls together in times of tragedy, to mourn people that we never knew, who died at the hands of others. It's one of the best feelings, this feeling inside of me. Words cannot describe it. All I know is that I am proud to be part of this country.

A real ball player

It's that time of year again. Baseball season is upon us. Wyatt was really looking forward to playing teeball again this year. It is just instructional league, but to Wyatt it's the real deal. He was really excited this year to move up from the outfield, to play on "pitchers base". I love watching him play tee ball. I marvel at how much he has improved since last year at this time. He hustles after the ball now instead of hustling to close the gates to the field. He listens to the coach,and tries his best to do what he is told to do. He watches the ball in play, instead of waving to people in the stands. This year he is a "real ball player."

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Family Easter Fun

It was a great Saturday.. Everyone was here. LIterally everyone. 20 + people. The weather could have been better. It was cold. Who invited the cold air down here? 46 degrees. But we still had the egg hunt. We had the kids play games: egg toss, musical eggs, spoon race, and "roll the egg with your nose". We had lots of laughs at that one. Steve and the guys hung out around the bbq pit, grilling up lunch. It was a nice day. I enjoyed watching the kids race around looking for eggs.. not that they had to look too hard. Seems the egg hiders were lazy this year, or else they had too many eggs to hide. Whatever the reason, it looked like the Easter Rabbit pooped eggs all over my yard. Dixie had fun, she ran around trying to pick up eggs and run off with them.
I was a little sad to see the day end. We had a cake, which worked out great b/c Friday as Randal's birthday. So we threw some candles on the cake, and sang to him. THen it was ice cream sundaes. Surprisingly, the kids did not eat too much candy. Of course, my mom didn't give them the "bulk" of it until they were ready to leave. Good plan there. 7 kids on sugar rush may have been a bit much.
Wyatt was excited that he found the "golden egg". Not that it was GOlden or had candy in it. But for him it was the best prize, the shiny pink egg. Now the count down until the Big Rabbit comes tonight. Wyatt is besides himself with excitement. Better go charge the camera battery and have it ready.

Friday, April 6, 2007

a day at the park

There is nothing more satisfying than watching a good ball game on a nice Spring day. Even better when you can cheer on someone you know. I love watching my nieces and nephew play ball. (They just have to remember to call and tell me that they have a game.) Yesterday was just such a day. Even though I wasn't feeling my best, when I received the call from Crystal that Tiffany had a home game, off I went, camera in hand. Of course, since Wyatt had to be at ball practice a little later on anyway, I felt justified. Tiffany gets so into the game. I love watching her play first base. I love watching her bat. The look on her face is always priceless.

Monday, April 2, 2007

a little early morning scare

Every morning, before we can leave for work, WYatt has to put Dixie in her pen, and tell her goodbye for the day. Some mornings, she is waiting by the back door for him. SOme mornings, she is in her dog house already. No matter where she is at, when Wyatt whistles, Dixie comes running. Well, almost every morning. Friday morning, I am putting my things in the car, and Wyatt is going to take care of his dog. As I am locking the house up, here comes Wyatt, running full force. Tears streaming down his face. I get him to calm down,and he says "Dixie has run away. I called her, and her didn't come out of her house. I think her is gone." I go out to look at the dog pen. I whistle. I call her.. and there she is... her head poking out of her dog house, with a look that clearly says "I was trying to sleep here.". Relief washes over me. Yes I was a little scared too. I have to go and show Wyatt that his dog is fine, just sleeping .

He calms down after a bit, but as he hugs and kisses his dog goodbye, I hear him tell her. "Don't scare me like that. I have to have my kiss and hug or I will have a bad day. I love you Dixie."

Sunday, April 1, 2007

This is for the "window challenge" MY kitchen window. Not fancy, no pretty curtains, just a little mini blind and my pretties. I love these blue and white jars that I have set up here. Some Steve bought for me, others were a gift from his Mom. A view of my world.

I took this shot for a photo challenge on the message board where I am a member. These ladies really encourage me to practice and play with my camera, and my scrapbooking. We have weekly challenges (yes I am a little behind). This week the color was BLUE. THis is a blue vase that Steve's parents gave to me. I forget where it came from. Somewhere on one of their many travel adventures. I love it when the light shines through it. It is so pretty.