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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Scrappy Room Redesign

My scrap room has been a bone of contention in my household for quite some time. Steve and I agreed that I needed a room to work on my hobby. He built the workshop (aka the man cave) out back for working on his hobbies. It was only fair that I have a place for mine. So I claimed the spare bedroom.

When we first moved into the house, I had no problem sharing my space with Steve. He seldom came into the room, unless it was to use the computer or to pay bills. Easy peasy. I had my folding table on one wall and he had the desk on the opposite wall. The other room was the guest bedroom. Soon after we moved into the house, we had Wyatt.

The guest room became Wyatt's room. The "extra" things we had stored in the guest room moved into the "scraproom/office". Since taking care of Wyatt, and working took up most of my time, I didn't have much time for scrapping. All was still good in the scrappy place, even if it was a little crowded.

Soon my folding table was sagging under the weight of the supplies piled on top. I had boxes, bins, tubs of supplies. There was no functional storage. The room was a disaster. Steve griped constantly about the mess. FINALLY, he took pity on my and decided to create me the "ultimate" scrap space. He designed and built cabinets, while I pondered paint samples and color schemes. I wanted the room to be calming, and peaceful, yet still reflect my creative side. It took awhile, but finally it was done. With the blue walls, white trim and sand colored carpet, I was creating the "beach" themed room. Steve installed the cabinets. Upper around 3 walls, lower cabinets along one long wall, and a desk top on each short end. I had beaucoup storage. However, I still had to share the space with Steve. He just wanted one desk top, and the cabinets above it for storing office things and bills. Soon he wanted one lower cabient for computer stuff.

Things went along somewhat smoothly. Wyatt grew as kids tend to do, and discovered that he liked to do crafts. In my scrap room. While he watched cartoons. While I was trying to scrap. It seemed that I could never get away from the "guys" when I needed some alone time. I couldn't just sit and read in a room without a tv on. I couldn't lay down for a nap without someone coming into the room to get something they needed. I couldn't just hide in a pretty girly space, because my guys, being typical guys, didn't want "fru fru pretty lacy, comfy" things. They wanted "manly colors, with a manly decor". I felt I was being overrun with testosterone, testostorne, crap with male hormones.

This led to the "Scrappy Room Redesign". Steve and I started talking about remodeling and redecorating the house. I told him that I needed MY OWN SPACE or I was going to seriously hurt someone in this house. A room to myself, that did not have any manly things in it, that was fru fru, lacy, pretty and comfy. That was a peaceful, quiet, place for me to hide out in. This led to the Scrappy Room Redesign.

After much talking, debating, arguing, and shopping my new space is finally taking shape. Steve took out one section of the cabinets and one desk top. For now we put the top bunk to wyatt's bunk bed in here. Eventually I will get a pretty white bed (just in case we need a place for company to spend the night). I am going to get the pretty white shabby chic bedding that I have loved for the longest time. Every time I go to Target, I walk through the bedding section and fondle the quilt and the sheets, and try not to drool on the pretty throw pillows. NOW I can buy them and bring them home. Along with pretty curtains. Then we will get a new bookshelf to hold some of my scrapbooks that I have made (no more hiding in a dark cabinet for them). And I have to figure out some sort of dvd storage (do you know how much space 229 dvds takes up? A LOT!!!) THen I will push for a bigger, flat screen television (why should my space have a tv smaller than my computer screen?).

Last night, I put old sheets on the bed. Steve was in the living room watching some Discovery Channel show. I curled up on the comfy bed, and watched a girly movie and read my book. All was quiet and peaceful. (Wyatt was at my sister's spending the night.) When I was done for the night, I got up turned off the lights and went to bed with Steve. But for the little while I was in there, I could watch what I wanted, read a book with no background noise, or even just peruse magazines looking for scrappy inspiration. I have my own little girly space. A pesticle free zone!!!

All is good in MissyLand.