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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Second Day of school!

I made it through the second day of school. This would not have been possible without two of my very good friends who sat next to me during the inservice and kept me company. They make me laugh and make faces to make me smile. I really can't complain too much, most of the people I work with are very pleasant. HOWEVER, I just hate sitting on hard plastic seats at the cafeteria tables where my knees reach my chin. These tables are made for small children. Very Small children. My legs do not fit under the table with ease. The seats are attached to the tables, did I mention that they are hard plastic? Yeah my butt keeps reminding me of this. From 8:30 until 12:30, we sat. and sat. and sat. While listening to "school policies procedures". My butt cheeks thought they were going to "become one with the orange plastic circle". My knees ached from being bent at such an odd angle. There is no room to stretch out. I thought it would never end. FInally it did. Now what material was covered, I could not even begin to tell you as I had a brain fart as soon as we walked out of the frigid room. Yep it was COLD in there. SO I left with a headache, a sore butt, and blue toes.

I did have a nice lunch with friends. Then it was back to the classroom to finish getting ready for the first day of school. Parents came to meet the teachers. I think 6 parents came today. That was good. I recieved my class list, which surely must be wrong as it says I only have 13 students!!! umm, no this can't be correct. There must be some mistake.

TOmorrow will be another hectic day. Students arrive. Our goal on the first day: get them to class, get them fed, get them home!! Anything other than that is gravy. Rules and expectations of course. Maybe a writing activity and a game or two. Maybe the time will fly by. One can only dream.